Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cleaning the Library

Jeannie the Dreamer is having a Home Library Party on Friday, so over the weekend I worked on preparing my library for the party. It took hours to vacuum every book in my library, wipe all the shelves, dust the knick-knacks, and organize and tidy everything. But I couldn't let Oprah show me up, could I?
Her own library is on the cover of her magazine. In fact, that's what attracted me to it in the first place. Look at that beautiful room. I love the sofa and the dog is darn cute too. I don't think my family could do a white sofa, but look at that fringe! Gorgeous! I think we could handle that on a bookbinding red jacquard sofa.

Fall seems like a good time to snuggle up and read, so if you want to get inspired to create your own library, join me Friday September 26th for the Home Library Party sponsored by Jeannie the Dreamer. And be sure to visit all the other participants too.


Beverly said...

I am certain my books and shelves could use a good dusting, too. I better get busy.

JeannieTheDreamer said...

Hi Laura, wow! Nice timing Oprah LOL. Thanks for the feature on your blog. Look at all those books. The ones that all look the same. Are they real? Are they decor? I always wonder about that whenever i see books like these in magazines. Do people buy them to make the bookcase look nice? Why not, right, if you have the space? I'm just curious...

I hope I'm not being bad.

Now I want to buy this issue of her magazine.