Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fall Color

Here in California's Central Valley we don't naturally get a lot of fall color, but gardeners have planted non-native trees to make up for that. One of the most stunning trees this time of year is the Chinese Pistach. The leaves vary from yellow to deep red and the trees have red berries even after the leaves fall. Our city has planted lots of these as street trees, so we are enjoyed their color all over town.

Another favorite is the Liquidamber. They look like columns of fire against the other trees.

Their pointed leaves are often collected by children, carried home, and incorporated into seasonal decorations. On a recent morning walk with Teen1 we did just that.

One of my favorites is the ancient Ginkgo. There is a beautiful specimen three doors down. It drops a delicate coating of yellow leaves all over their roof and lawn. Unlike the other fall trees, the Ginkgo only goes to yellow, never orange or red.

Several older neighborhoods have streets lined with the Modesto Ash which turns a beautiful yellow too. These near the college are just beginnning to turn. Wouldn't this be a boring street without all these trees? Not only do they provide cooling shade in the summer, but they give this brilliant show before dropping their leaves.
Thank you beautiful trees for all the comforts you provide. That's it from here Amongst The drab brownish green Oaks.


Neabear said...

Chinese Pistache, so that is what those trees are called. Did I spell it right? I always love those trees. There are some in the middle of Highway 12 as I drive into Santa Rosa on my way to work. As I come around the curves that bright orange greets me. I love seeing those trees. Of course we have lots of Liquid Amber around here too. And the yellow as well. Probably some of the same ones you see as well. Thanks for sharing the names of some of these trees. It was a lesson for me. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

the homely year said...

Beautiful leaf colour! In the last week all the leaves have fallen and the drive is it's raining they're really wet and soggy...not so nice!
Margaret and Noreen