Friday, May 14, 2010

Speaking of the Census.....

Did you know the 1930 census is now available online to genealogists? Yep, it is and that's where I've been lately; searching the 1930 census (through to find all those lost relatives in my family tree. And I'm doing fairly well. The trick is to search any and all first names and/or initials, use spouse's names to further refine the search, and just keep digging.

So I've decided to take a break from blogging for a while and concentrate on my genealogy. But I'll post a photo of one of my flowers now and then just to let you know I'm still around. Thanks for visiting us here Amongst The Oaks.


Marydon Ford said...

Yuppers! From one genealogy searcher to another ... enjoy it!

Your flowers are gorgeous!

Have a great weekend.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Anonymous said...

Beautiful roses~
Will miss your entries and am waiting patiently for your return to ATO.
xo Karen

Andi's English Attic said...

Thanks for that tip-off. Although I'm jumping in the air with excitement at having the chance to get further research done on my family tree, I'm also a bit sorry for those folk who filled in the forms believing the information was going to be confidential for a hundred years. Any idea why the powers that be have decided to release them early? xx