Sunday, June 27, 2010


Poor Teen1 hasn't been out of the house for weeks whilst recovering from surgery, so yesterday we thought she was ready for an outing. Our local zoo presently has a lorikeet exhibit that allows you to go inside the aviary and feed them. We've been wanting to do that for ages so yesterday was the day! Those noisy birds didn't disappoint us.
They check you and your little cup of sugary water out a while, then usually hop down onto your hand to lick it up. It's very entertaining to have them so close.
There are several varieties; rainbow, red banded, green naped, scaly breasted, and the Stella, an all black one. They all belong to someone in Florida who loaned them to our zoo for several months.

Pretty, friendly, entertaining... they seem like the perfect pet, right? But there are a couple of drawbacks; they bite as you can see above, and when they poo, it squirts out about 3', hot, wet and icky. Yuck.


PG said...

Even so - a bit of muck for such glorious entertainment - I could buy that! Am glad Teen1 has been out for little trip, it's no fun being housebound.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

what a cool outing for a recovering patient. she sounds like she's well on the road... jkj

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

She looks like she is doing well--looks like a fun little outing! I love colorful, exotic birds!