Saturday, December 18, 2010

Teeny Tiny Bathroom

After a long break we are back to working on the cottage again. The Lord of the Manor installed the bathroom sink last weekend and today Teen2 and I made some curtains.

This teeny tiny bathroom is only about 3'x8' and the sink area cantilevers out over a flower bed. We made a curtain for the window and a curtain to hide the plumbing under the sink. To the left is the shower and to the right is the toilet. Now we just need to connect the water heater and we will be ready to host a guest here Amongst The Oaks.


Martha said...

I'm booking my flight right now :)

Anonymous said...

that is VERY cool! i love the cottage! jkj

racheld said...

And what a fortunate guest that will be!! This is simply charming, and exactly what I'd hoped for from the title.

I dropped in via a lot of linking betwixt other blogs (so I can't say WHERE I came from), but I've really enjoyed having a tour of your handiwork and all the lovely outcome.

I also find it charmingly sweet that the sink rests over a flowerbed---I had visions of just a little hose-affair, leading down to the thirsty plants, keeping them green and happy, and giving the Gardener Fairies a rest.

Just perfect.

Many joys of the season to you and yours,


Darla said...

It looks so cozy! I'm really looking forward to see how it'll look when you're done with it.
I actually received a really nice door sign for our bathroom this christmas, maybe that would look good at your place as well. You can look at if you want to see what it looks like.