Monday, March 28, 2011

St. Baldrick's Day

When the Lord of the Manor and I first met many, many years ago, he had beautiful red hair and I always hoped one of our children would have red hair but that never happened. So when Teen2 decided she wanted red hair I thought it was a good idea. And I love the color, but maybe not the cut, but when you have a 17 year old daughter you learn to pick your battles and this was just not one of them. After all, it's just hair! Recently she surprised me again by signing up for St. Baldrick's day. It's an event that raises money for childhood cancer research. She raised $300 and on St. Patrick's day her school had a head shaving event where 30 kids got their heads shaved.

Several of the girls also donated their hair to Locks of Love, which Teen2 has done twice. It was a great cause and I'm proud of her and it's soooo easy to get ready for school in the morning. Now, I wonder what she will do next with her hair?


Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

How beautiful! What a phenomenal child you have, you are blessed.


Pippajo said...

I commend you for leaving her in peace about her hair! Many mothers would throw a fit and absolutely FORBID their daughters to make such a drastic choice! But you, as you say, pick your battles, knowing what's really important. And you allow your daughter to be herself and to experiment and make her own choices (spoken by a mom who just let her 10-year-old son dye his hair blue)! Good for you! And good for her! She looks so pleased with herself, as well she should.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

When we hear so much about how selfish and vain teenagers are today, how refreshing to read about your lovely daughter!!!
I can so relate to choosing your battles--my youngest daughter went through a rebellious phase where she threatened blue hair, tatoos and piercings--but it was our dermatologist who talked her out of it. She was always drawn to the kids on the fringe--her school counselors advised me that sending her back to private parochial school might be best, but she threatened to deliberately fail. It was NOT easy, but I later learned that often she was counseling the troubled kids and trying to help them. Some times I don't think we give teenagers enough credit for being caring people!