Sunday, June 19, 2011

June Blooms

I wandered around my garden yesterday taking a few photos of what was blooming. The hydrangeas are looking lovely...

as are these petunias that LOM planted in the hanging baskets and several pots around the yard.

We have about 40' of star jasmine along our driveway and it is in bloom right now, so the whole garden is full of its sweet perfume.

And this pretty blue flower is on the endive that I let go to seed. It started out as a spring salad mix, but I left some of them too long and this huge flower stalk developed from the endive. Its blue flowers remind me of bachelor's buttons.

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PJ | Home and Garden Decor said...

Those are beautiful flowers in your garden. I love the Star Jasmins and I agree with you, the have an awesome scent.
Best regards and have a wonderful weekend
Paula Jo