Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pt. Lobos State Reserve

We recently visited Pt. Lobos State Reserve which is just south of Carmel, California. The weather on the Northern California coast is fabulous this time of year and this day was no exception.

Pt. Lobos is a beautiful park with over 6 miles of trails meandering around a rugged rocky point. We started at Whalers Cove and almost hiked around the entire point.

One trail leads down to a slot where the "The Old Veteran" perches on the rocks. It is an ancient picturesque cypress tree.

After hiking the North Point, the South Point, and Sea Lion Point, we cut across at Mound Meadow where we found these mushrooms; fly agaric or amanita muscaria.

We also saw some beautiful brown mushrooms.

And finally we found our way back to Whalers Cove where this snowy egret was fishing amongst the seaweed. It was a beautiful day at Pt. Lobos and a highly recommended day out.


Neabear said...

I have not been there in a long time! We went there on our honeymoon over 32 years ago!! We did some of that hike at that time too. Your pictures make me want to go back. It would be fun to do!


Lynn said...

I have been there too! It is beautiful!
Did you pick the mushrooms for your pizza? Ha! Just kidding.

Spot said...

The Old Veteran reminds me of your Li river painting.

Never eat fly agaric!!