Monday, February 13, 2012

Toile Lamp Shades

After Teen1 (I need to think of a new name for her since she's not a teen anymore) moved out I was left with a nice freshly painted blue bedroom, new beige carpet and a new off-white Roman shade. She took her bed and furniture so I gathered together Grandmother's stuff again; a brass bed and an Empire style dresser. Then I studied it all for a while trying to think of a more traditional scheme that would work with the colors. I've always loved toile, so I figured black and white toile was the answer.

I'm going to make a toile bedskirt and some pillows for the bed too, but I started with the lampshades. I got those pre-sticky ones at JoAnne's and some sticky trim for the edges too. I also got little black tassels. The lamp shades were very easy to do and I'm quite pleased with the results.

Did you know you could get these fancy little knobs at OSH? You just unscrew the plain brown plastic ones and screw these in their place. Too cute, eh?

So here we are Amongst The Oaks actually making progress on the Guest Room Remodel.


Anonymous said...

this is a great redo! and very helpful tips, too. i'm so glad you continue to post. without giveaways and blatant ads for companies. (i could buy a magazine if i want that)jkj

Carolina Elizabeth said...

Your website is absolutely beautiful. I was thrilled to see your roses, as they give me hope in the roses I am awaiting this spring.---Carolina Elizabeth

minerva @ real estate park city ut said...

The lampshade looks adorable and has this Victorian Era feel. :D

Dallasmom said...

Very pretty. Everything you make always turns out so well!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea. You are so crafty and made it look EASY!

Does that mean two more tassels for those of us who are keeping count? ;)

Karen xo