Monday, April 21, 2008

New Neighbors

While we were in China, new neighbors began moving in. We found mud all over our front porch and this up in one corner. Swallows make mud nests, but this nest has grass and twigs too, and swallows usually nest under bridges in large colonies. Finally, one morning I saw the newlyweds scooping gobs of mud from my front flower bed and flying back and forth adding to their home. They were grey with white bellies and darker heads. I had no idea what they were.
After some research, I believe they are Black Phoebes. We've never seen them here before, but aren't they cute? They have a pleasant call and this charming little tail-bobbing thing they do, and they seem quite brave flying close to us and tolerating the door opening and closing.

It seems like we see a new bird species nearly every year. I wonder if it's global warming, cleaner habitats, or just more careful looking on my part. Whatever it is, I like these charming little birds and hope they stay here.


Mary said...

Welcome back!!! Love your travel photos. How exciting to have actually been in China! And aren't you lucky to have such pretty new neighbors. :)

Anonymous said...

i love your blog! and your birds. we had orioles the other day. atleast i think that is what they were. i live in southern california so i could be wrong. birds are so delightful to watch, but they are WAY more messy than i remember. i hope yours thrive!jkj

Beverly said...

They are quite charming, but I don't believe I have ever seen them either. Please let us know the progress of the nesting.