Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Milestone

What have I been doing that kept me from blogging yesterday? I've been busy helping prepare for a milestone in Teen1's life.

I've known this day was coming for almost 18 years, but it always seemed like I had plenty of time. And then in the blink of an eye, it was here: my little baby's high school graduation! So we've been making lists, getting announcements and photos, designing invitations, addressing envelopes, and preparing for the big day and all the celebrations that accompany it. There's the senior prom, the Disneyland trip, the commencement, the All Night Party, the Open House, and then the flying off to England for the summer.

I can't believe my little baby is this beautiful young woman now. Where did all the days go? They seem to have just slipped away like water through my fingers. And now here she is ready to step out on her own. I feel like the mommy Phoebe - do you think I should follow her to England and feed her bugs, and keep her safe?


Mary said...

It's amazing isn't it? Another blink and you'll be attending her college graduatio and if you stop to rub your tearfilled eyes you'll be a grandma. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

My "little one" starts high school in the fall - I can't believe it.

I'd follow along behind her - not sure about the feeding of the bugs though!


Blondie's Journal said...


It is a big mix of feelings isn't it. I have so many blogger friends that are going through all of this as well and everyone is trying to wrap their heads around it. Where did the time go? Worries. Feelings of loss.

My last little Phoebe will be leaving for college in the Fall and I worry more about what it will be like with the house so quiet without my little friend. I'll need someone to feed me bugs!!

Your daughter is beautiful. She is a darker version of you. You can be proud. Tell her congratulations from Blondie!


Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Such a lovely girl! And a summer in England! How wonderful for her! I know you'll miss her, but believe me they are always your child.

Spot said...

she looks just like her mum

dana said...

Ditto Mary's comment. I would add that with the "grandma" part comes your chance to experience the wonderful moments again---cept you can send em home when you're tired!

I have the honor of helping a close friend of mine with her son's HS Grad party this week-end. I'm bringing pasta salad for 40 and helping set up and serve! It does seem like yesterday when HE was a baby, too!

Have fun with all that is going on with your darling Teen 1. Dana

Neabear said...

Times flies doesn't it? Wednesday the 13th was the 3 anniversary of my daughter's graduation from Mills College in Oakland. Can't believe she has been out of college for 3 years. Incidently the 13th is also her baptism anniversary. It was on Mother's Day that year. This year in June will be 10 years since my son graduated from high school. Gee, now I am sounding old.....especially since my high school graduation was 34 years ago. ACK!!!! Better stop thinking about it. Good luck with all the busy things coming up for you and your family. Have fun while you are at it too. Take lots of pictures.

Mermaids of the Lake said...

She is beautiful! I know the feeling. My son is graduating from high school in a couple of weeks too. Where did the time go? Such a special time, but kind of sad too. Childhood is too short!

Mermaid Debbie

Anonymous said...

Aww mommy thank you! thats such a nice blog post of me. i love you!
I'll always be your little phoebe dont worry. =)
~Teen 1~

Martha said...

Isn't she beautiful?

I know this day is coming.....but you've just reminded me to enjoy the years before this big event.

Congrats to your girl!