Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shed Chic

I read a blog called Shedworking nearly every day. Not long ago I entered a contest there and SURPRISE! I won. The prize was a new book published in England called Shed Chic. It arrived Saturday just in time for Mother's Day. What a perfect gift!

I opened it that night and spent two hours pouring over the beautiful photos of amazing sheds.

I thought of Lucy at Attic24 when I saw this colorful photo of the gypsy caravan. See, it's got bright crocheted throws like she makes.
I like this idea too. They have simply hung what looks like a sheet from the roof as a sun shade. And little table with its flowery cloth is so homey.
Or if you are so inclined, you could make a fantastic Wendy House for a lucky child. Isn't this tiny timbered cottage just too cute?

The book is full gorgeous ideas for turning a shed into a more usable space. Apparently sheds aren't just for men anymore. I am suddenly inspired to get out there and finish my shed. Yes, that is this summer's project: FINISH THE SHED!

Thank you Shedworking for the wonderful Mother's Day gift.


Abby Lanes said...

I love sheds too. That looks like a great book. Thanks for the recommendation. My friend peggy has a cute gardening shed where she does arts, crafts, and keeps her gardening tools.

My children also have a cute play house! The termites have started eating it. I need to get something new. You've inspired me too!

Mary said...

I absolutely love that wicked Wendy shed.

Alex said...

You're very welcome. Glad you like it.

Tara said...

A shed can be like a little den where you can steal away--go for it!

Carol............. said...

That book looks very interesting and fun. They Gypsy wagon is great....that could be the real me LOL!

Neabear said...

That looks like a fun book!