Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kneed More Time

Hello everyone, so sorry for the loooong break, but my father had knee replacement surgery last week and I have been helping out a bit. He is 83 and lives alone and manages quite well, but when you're laid up with one of these
you just can't hop out of bed and do your normal activities anymore. He seems to be recovering nicely and is now in a convalescent facility that provides physical therapy. I'm sure he will regain his strength and independence soon. Now if I can just keep him off his bicycle... and off the roof...

Hope to be back to crafting, creating, and blogging Amongst The Oaks real soon.


Dawn said...

Wow, that was a major knee surgery! I'm so glad you can help him out and he is recovering nicely. I think all men try to do too much too soon after surgery, I know mine does! They just can't sit to do something like we do.
Best wishes to him,

Blondie's Journal said...

I hope he does well and is up and about soon!


Beverly said...

Bless his heart - and yours, too. I keep you all in my prayers.