Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mince Pies, Anyone?

I've been wanting to make some mince pies for ages. During Christmas I even bought some mincemeat, but I never got around to it. So today I got it out again and finally made them. First I jazzed up the mincemeat with chopped pecans, minced apple, orange zest and some brandy.

Then I made the pastry, but since it was an English recipe and I don't even own a kitchen scale, I had a little trouble with the measurements. {Note to self: get a kitchen scale!} And I don't have mince pie tins, so I used muffin tins and just filled them about 2/3 with the pastry. Then I spooned in the mincemeat and topped them with stars.

After baking and a sprinkle of powdered sugar, they actually looked like something you might see in England. So we made a pot of tea and had a wonderful little snack on this rainy afternoon.

So here we are running a little late here Amongst The Oaks, but maybe next year I can make them before Christmas.


Pippajo said...

I've always been interested, even intrigued, by mincemeat pies. They look and sound good, but I'm a bit of a coward.

What, exactly, is mincemeat anyway? You've piqued my interest even further, now I'm going to have to investigate.

Yours look so yummy, by the way!

Claudine said...

Lovely. I grew up in England and haven't had them since I was a girl. Any chance you could post the recipe????