Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Classic Yachting

We had the privilege of going out on a classic yacht last evening. The boat was built in 1926 and belongs to a young friend of ours. We recently redid the nameboards - rerouting and gold leafing - and don't they look stunning?
I happened to be out at the marina this evening and went to check on Florencia's progress. The owner mentioned trying to find a crew to go out to "Tuesday Nite Tacos" at Windmill Cove. Being old river rats, I instantly volunteered my family, called them, and within an hour we were chugging out of the marina.

Here is our intrepid Captain at the helm. He has collected various accessories appropriate to the era of his yacht. I think it's wonderful that he is so dedicated to the preservation of this old boat, and marvel that a 19 year old could appreciate the subtleties of decor along with the necessities of a sound hull and reliable engines.

We had a marvelous time relaxing on the afterdeck, enjoying the views, eating tacos, and remembering a time when WE were the young kids on an old wooden boat.

Enjoying happy times aboard a yacht {not quite} Amongst The Oaks.

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