Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blog Muggle?

Blog Muggle n: a person who is totally unaware of blogs and blogging

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Ok, TravelBug, I get the message. I have been a total Blog Muggle lately and I'm sorry. Things seem to be back to normal in my little corner of the world. Well as normal as my corner gets anyway. So I should be able to resume normal blogging now. Let's start with what's been happening here Amongst The Oaks.

The wistaria is starting to bloom right on schedule. We are hosting Easter and I'm hoping it still looks good for the party. You can see more wistaria photos here and here. I have inhaled the intoxicating scent many times in the past few days and it is wonderful. I usually stick my nose into the first flower that opens and I am always amazed at the power of one tiny flower. I wish I could share it with all of you.

The yellow rumped warblers are making their annual visit here Amongst The Oaks. They descend upon the oaks in large numbers, chirping and flitting nervously, and then in about a month, they are gone. This morning I happened to see several in the bird bath and managed to get a few photos.

And the Black Phoebes are back too, building their nest on our front porch. It's over halfway done so we should see some eggs in about a week. They always build it on that electrical box that we use for the Christmas lights. We remove it every fall and they rebuild it every spring. They are again pulling fibers out of my flower baskets to use in their nest, but I don't mind.

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And the lilac is starting to bloom too. Isn't this gorgeous? I just love love love lilac. I'll make a huge bouquet of it later and bring it inside. I think one reason I love lilac so much is because tit only blooms once a year and that makes the flowers more precious.

Teen1 recently bought this window box for her window. She planted parsley, coleus, lemon thyme, stock, marguerite, and cineraria in it. Isn't she cute?

So that's what's been happening here Amongst The Oaks. Sorry I've been gone so long. Hope to visit you all again soon.


Pippajo said...

Well, it's certainly a title that catches your attention!

I don't think you're a blog muggle at all. I think you just haven't been blogging much lately. And, as owner and administrator of your own blog, that's your prerogative!

But, I am glad to see a new post from you. And that wisteria is indeed gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

That Teen1, I am proud of her. She definitely shares your love cooking, adventure and, now, gardening. What a wonderfully interesting young lady she is.

Karen xo

prashant said...

wisteria is gorgeous!
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Spot said...

you are describing blogger fatigue syndrome (bfs), a well know affliction caused by the daily blog. A few weeks off, and the siren voice of blogging returns refreshed and energetic. Sunshine helps.

travelbug said...

Welcome back!! You were missed. Hugs!

kanishk said...

I am glad to see a new post from you. And that wisteria is indeed gorgeous!
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