Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finished Landscapes from School

We finished our landscape paintings at school today. That's my first one above. I think I spent about 7 hours on it over 4 sessions. Overall I'm pleased with it, but I still see lots of room for improvement. Thursday we do our critiques where we stand up in front of the class and talk about our paintings and how well we accomplished the goals of the assignment. That should be interesting.

Because I finished my first painting quickly, I did a second one too. Some things are better in this painting, but some areas could use more work. Although I've got 4 hours in this painting, it's only 18"x24" where the first one is 36"x24" so this one looks almost finished with less time.

Here is my easel setup. It's basically an old camera tripod that a fellow traveler gave me when we were in China. (Apparently he had too may souvenirs and needed space in his luggage.) LOM made a little table that hooks onto the front two legs and a bar that threads onto the camera mount. The bar has sliding clamps to hold paintings up to 36" tall. I hang my carryall from the tripod with an "S" hook to help weight it down in case of wind. When I break it down everything (including paints, brushes, paper towels, and a water jug) fits into that blue bag except the canvas. Thank you LOM for making such a nice easel. It has worked flawlessly every time.


Anonymous said...

covet this!!! i'm taking a painting class myself, and would love this set up!! we do the same critique session when we finish an assignment. it is very instructive! good work done on your paintings!! jkj

Jones said...

So pretty! This makes me want to call in sick tomorrow, break out the paints, and spend the day in nature. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration! Chic Rooms