Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Elderflower Cordial

It's been hot, hot, hot here lately. I'm looking out on my fried roses right now wondering what happened to spring. Usually it doesn't get this hot until July, but I hear we have some cooler weather headed our way. Thank goodness!

This heat reminds me of the summer of 2006 when we were in Cornwall and Devon. They were suffering through a hot spell and their gardens were wilted just like mine is now. One day after visiting Eden Center and sweating our way through the bio domes, I returned to the cousins' home "wrung out". Dear Ann knew just what I needed: an elderflower cordial. I'd never even heard of one, but I took her advice and it was wonderful.

So after cutting all that wood the other day, I found my treasured bottle that Ann had given me and had one. It was just as wonderful as I'd remembered. Cold and refreshing on the top, slightly sweet in the middle, and deliciously tasty and aromatic at the end. "Ideal to quench the thirst after a hard day's work." Thanks Ann, and Chuck too. Now if I can just find an online source, I'll be a happy little woodcutter.


Beverly said...

I'm game - it sounds so refreshing. Please let us know if you find an on-line source.

I'll be hoping for rain and cooler days for you.

Mary said...

Laura - these are the pure, good- for-you English drinks I really miss - they just don't seem available here. 'Farm shops' and village groceries always stock items like this. Oh yes, while I wasn't home in Devon that hot Summer of 2006, I was in Paris, the South of France and Spain - it was so miserably hot, worse than here in the Southeast because there was no a/c!

Sorry about the tree fall - glad you had minor damage only.....and that nobody was hurt!

Diane J Standiford said...

Yes, the heat has been hard on flower growers. My cut tulips last ALMOST a day.

Morning said...

I've read so much about Elderflower cordial, and would love to try it.

PG said...

Not just any old cordial either, the Prince's finest! Why not try making your own? It is, apparently, quite easy...


But apparently they stock it here too, although there is no online shop I think you can mail-order


the homely year said...

Elderflower cordial is really refreshing, I think. We have a recipe...will put it on the blog as soon as we get chance.
Margaret and Noreen

Momma Bear said...

I much enjoyed reading of your trip to China! Our son just returned Tuesday.. he had been there for about five or six weeks. He's been over there multiple times.. and has NEVER brought back pictures like you did! Wow! How impressive!!

Did you know that there is a spot here in Texas that has been duplicated in EVERY way possible in one third size of the terracotta site?? It's called forbidden gardens.. in Katy, TX.. just outside Houston. But, after seeing your pics.. omg.. Perhaps it is worth it to get one's visa.. and see it all with our own eyes!

Zoƫ said...

I used to send a friend in the USA Jammy Dodgers and Baked Beans, and Twinings tea in emergency ration packages. I think it's much harder to do this these days, since 9/11 etc.

Wouldnt somewhere like Macy's or Bloomingdales have a food counter you could order from along the lines of Harrods?

Have to admit I never checked out if they had Food Halls.

You are right though, elderflower cordial, and spring water or lemonade is delicious, and very English summer.