Friday, May 23, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Phoebe

Remember my new neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Phoebe? I bought them this house warming gift at a yard sale for only $10. I thought they needed a closer water source and they do seem to enjoy it. Then around April 15th I couldn't resist any longer and I took this blurry photo of their nest. How exciting! Five eggs.

About 2weeks ago I noticed tiny egg shells on my front porch, so I thought maybe the baby phoebes had hatched. I sneaked out with the ladder and mirror again and I could see four little mouths waiting for a snack. Over the past weeks we have observed the parents sticking close, tending to their little family.

They usually perch on these plant brackets on either side of the front entry.

Sometimes we will see them in the bird bath.
Sometimes we see them picking bugs off the house, or swooping low over the lawn to catch bugs.

And sometimes they even sit together on a bracket bragging about how cute and smart their children are.
And you know, they're right! Their kids are pretty cute even though they're bald.


Anonymous said...

Those are some cute little neighbors. What fun. Great yard sale find, too!

white o'morn cottage said...

That is a fabulous post! You have made my day. Thanks...Pam

Beverly said...

How glorious!!! And, cute babies are always something to brag about.

Tara said...

What a sweet couple to share time with!

P>S> Sent your info on thyroid to a friend, she was checked and has it---she is so grateful!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how wonderful to be able to watch your neighbors and their family grow. What a nice housewarming gift you got for them.


Dana said...

Hi! I just "found" your blog through Spare Minute Cottage and I must say it is delightful. I really enjoyed your story about the birds. It is so much fun to watch process of nesting and rearing their babes. We had a little finch family build in a wreath outside our front door last Spring. It was cute up until all of the "bird poo-poo" was splattered all over the place. I hope they find a better place this year--I did not put that enticing wreath back :-).

Morning said...

Dear little things! And aren't you lucky to have them nearby.

Mary said...

We don't have Phoebes around here - they look so sweet. The baby birds are everywhere in my garden now - twittering from dawn 'til dusk - a busy time in birdland!!