Sunday, November 15, 2009

Window Pains

When we started remodeling this house way back in the summer of 1997, we knew we wanted traditional building materials to reflect the style of a true English Cottage. So those first four rooms got new double paned, all wood, true divided light casement windows and we loved them. Compared to the old circa 1950 windows that were in the house they were a dream; they cranked in and out effortlessly, they were warm and quiet and they looked beautiful.

In 2001 when we did the "Big Remodel" we simply ordered more of the same type of windows from the same manufacturer and again, we loved their beauty and energy efficiency. And when we did the kitchen remodel we again ordered two more of the same windows to put beside the range.

So now we have seventeen fenestrations plus this interior door filled with these beauties. They have a lot of panes. Lots and lots of panes. Two hundred and thirteen to be exact. Which I am now in the process of washing. Inside and out, so that means four hundred and twenty six panes.

So far I have done about half and I intend to get them finished this afternoon. I like to have clean windows for the holidays, don't you? And with the sun lower in the sky this time of year, I like the way they sparkle. Wishing you sparkly windows too from here Amongst The Oaks.


Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

I love the all wood, true divided light windows...they are sooo hard to find these days...or at least they were when I checked a couple of years ago. What brand are yours and where did you find them? I wonder if they also make them in the double hung/sash style?
Thanks for the info...your windows are just beautiful!

Dena said...

OH I cannot even imagine having that many wonderful windows! They are lovely and I am sure cleaning them is worth every moment of effort. I've been snooping at all of your Halloween ideas, what fun! I'm taking notes for next year :)


Robin's Nesting Place said...

I love clean windows too, but they are just not possible in my house any more. Our windows are defective and all have moisture and a film between the glass. They are still under warranty but even with that they charge a replacement fee. It's so frustrating!

I think your windows are beautiful, even if they are a pain to clean.

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Good for you because I hate washing windows! I like having them clean though, so it's a dilemma for sure!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love window panes. We have colonial grids between the glass, so it is a lot easier to clean then what you have. Then again, nothing beats real wood. I admire you for staying with the style of the house.

I don't envy your job one bit!!


Content in a Cottage said...

Washing windows has been on my mind lately too because of the angle of the sun. You've inspired me to begin this painful (paneful) task at my house. I really love clean windows but washing them isn't something I love to do. Getting started is the hard part. Thanks, Rosemary

prashant said...

t least they were when I checked a couple of years ago.

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