Monday, March 10, 2008

Along the Hedgerow

Just North of the High School is a section of homes that are set way back from the road. Most of them have chain link fencing along their property lines. These homes are old by California standards; maybe 50 years. The owners have planted and allowed all kinds of shrubs and vines to grow on the fences to hide them.

Saturday morning after I dropped Teen1 off for her Winter Guard performance (they got a FIRST!) and Teen2 for Saturday School (we don't even want to talk about that!), I happened to drive along there and the morning sun was highlighting those plants. It reminded me of the hedgerows of England. A tangle of plants supporting each other and sheltering all kinds of little animals. What a lovely little ecosystem right here in the middle of town.

The showiest plant was Clematis armandii. Our neighbor has one that has grown way up into a tree. Sometimes when I'm out in my front garden, I can catch its heavenly scent. I feel very lucky that a volunteer (seedling for my UK readers) has appeared in my garden and hope to transplant it to climb over a trellis in the back garden.

Along the feet of the "hedgerow" is Vinca. I remember this growing in our next door's garden when I was a kid. It seemed so pretty and carefree. But I think it can be invasive.

And then there were these Callas. We had these along the West side of our house when I was a kid. They were definitely carefree. Bloomed every year with no care whatsoever, but beautiful and dramatic.

I hope you enjoyed our visit to the hedgerow here Amongst The Oaks.


Pat said...

I love clematis!
Unfortunately it's still cold here in New York so I have to wait another couple of months for mine to grow.
Very beautiful pictures! California is such a wonderful state.

I'm glad you're enjoying my Irish trip reminiscences on my blog...thank you!

Hugs, Pat

Tara said...

What a New Yorker would do just to see something green! Actually, I don't have to do anything but take a walk with you in sunny CA!

Cote de Texas said...

Darling blog! Thanks for your comment. May I ask why your teenager goes to Saturday school?

Morning said...

I'm glad you defined 'volunteer' -- what a funny term! Sometimes US English is like a different language.

travelbug said...

Yes, teen2, please share with us how you earned the privilege of Saturday School!! ;-)

Rhondi said...

Hi Laura
I enjoyed the walk in the garden. I have clematis armandii too but it's not ready to bloom yet. The frgarance of it is wonderful isn't it? We have vinca too and you're right it is very invasive. we have it growing all down in the woods behind us and I imagine it all started from our backyard years befor we bought our house.
I'm from Canada and we use the word volunteer too.

PG said...

That invasive purply one is called Periwinkle over here, you are right, it is a real thug, even though it looks so pretty. Wish we had some of your sun!

Amongst The Oaks said...

Cote de Texas & Travelbug-

Here's Teen2's response:
"Cuz my stupid school has this stupid rule about wearing these stupid ID badges and if you don't wear them you go to Stupid Saturday School!"

Isn't it amazing that I send my child to such a stupid institution?

spot said...

I like the concept of volunteers. We shall march around the garden tomorrow asking for a lot more action, volunteer or be dug up.