Sunday, March 16, 2008

Seven Things You Don't Know About Me

I've been tagged by Zoe at The Glory Hole to share with you 7 facts about myself.

Here are the rules:

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So here are the seven things you didn't know about me.
1. I'm only 5' tall. This has caused some problems over the years like constant teasing from certain people. And it seems to me that people don't always take me seriously. But darn it, I'm strong and capable and I can do anything I put my mind to!
2. I crave balance and symmetry. I frequently arrange vignettes in my home in pairs of things and I'm trying to get away from that, but it's hard.
3. Several years ago I learned to fly helicopters and actually soloed. I have also flown airplanes, but all that was B.C. (before children)
4. I enjoy residential architecture. I don't mean I drive by a house and say, "Oh, that's a pretty house." I mean I study the shape of the roof, the style of windows, the details and materials. I research it when I get home in my architecture books. I take trips with the sole purpose of photographing homes just for the fun of it. I take photos of doors (but you already knew that). I designed my own home and also a home for a friend.

5. I used to live on a boat. It was a 35' sailboat that we eventually sailed to Mexico and back. It was a very interesting way to live. Beautiful in some ways, but very difficult in others. This was before cell phones, internet, and GPS. When we went out the Golden Gate and turned left, we were on our own. The experience changed me in profound ways; it made me realize what was really important in life, it made me more self reliant, and it made me question American consumerism.

6. I have different ideas about food. I think if God had intended us to eat highly processed, chemical laden carbs, He would have made cookie bushes, potato chip trees, and donut vines. And there would be rivers flowing with carbonated, high fructose corn syrup beverages. But that wasn't the plan. So I try to eat fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, whole grains, real cheese, milk, butter (yes butter), fresh meats and fish. I never buy anything that says Diet, Low Fat, Lite, or Non Fat on the label. When the food manufacturer (I hate that term) took out the fat, they put in carbs and chemicals and that's what's killing us.

7. I don't enjoy shopping at the Mall, but love antique shops, flea markets, and estate sales.

I tag Morning Has Broken, Covered Porches and Screen Doors, In The Garden with Miss Jean, At Home with the Farmer's Wife, Across the Pond, Days Missed on a Hammock, and Elizabeth Hill. And thanks to all you creative bloggers who help to make my day.


Mary said...

I'm enjoying the sprouting of your wisteria - so pretty. Mine is just starting tiny buds - I rescued it, in a small pot, 5 yrs. ago when a dear friend passed away - it was in her garden. For years it didn't do much in the ground here but last year we built a cedar arbor next to it and it suddenly took off and starting climbing!! No blooms yet - perhaps this will be the year!

Loved reading about your interesting and amazing life - we have a lot in common although I've never been a pilot or a mariner, wow!

But food facts, shopping venues, travel and architecture would keep us busy if we could sit and enjoy a cuppa some afternoon!!

I'll try to come up with some new facts for the tag - I've done it before so will have to think about this. Thanks Laura.

Miss Jean said...

Thanks for stopping by and tagging me! I'll have to give it some thought-I don't want to appear to terribly eccentric!!

I'm curious as to how you do your photos. The color is absolutely beautiful-vibrant and clear.

JeannieTheDreamer said...

Wow! Flying helicopters, living on a sailboat:) I enjoyed reading your seven things, and watching your wisteriacam... I have my 7 things somewhere in my blog. Probably a month ago...

happy St. Patrick's Day


Nin said...

I completely agree on the whole good food thing. People always comment that I eat a lot and that how come I don't eight 300lb, but the food I eat is all good stuff, and that's why!

cocoadeluxe said...

I finally found an interesting site. Your blog is so interesting to read, with all the flowers I have not even seen here in my country. The colors of all the beautiful flowers makes my day a cheerful one. I so wish I could live there. I also enjoy reading on your travel to China... I just love your blog..