Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doors of the World

Freight Door at Abandoned Train Station

I'm taking part in Frank's Doors of the World. At first I dug around in my old travel photos and found a great door in Oxford, England. I even adjusted the exposure and cropped and sized it, but then I got to thinking and realized it should be a door from my home town. So yesterday whilst driving to an appointment, I stopped by the old Western Pacific train station. My town is a hub of sorts; all manor of shipping was done here and is still done here. Western Pacific has been a part of our history since 1903. Just imagine the interesting things that have passed through this now abandoned portal.

You can see more doors I've already posted here, here, and here.

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Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Great shot - would love to see the Oxford door as well!!

It's amazing how much character all these doors have...good to see you on mine!

Beverly said...

I so enjoyed this post and all of the links.

Doors are one of my favorite subjects.

Thanks for sharing.

christine mercer-vernon said...

Great Door! I love the arch, very little new construction includes beautiful wooden arched doors. what a great piece of history, and the building looks in great shape too!

Barbara said...

This certainly is a great door. Thanks for yur visit and comments.

Britt-Arnhild said...

I would love to border a train there.....

rochambeau said...

Nice door. It looks wise. Thank you for your contribution. I have had more fun traveling through so many amazing doors today!


Willow said...

Thank you for sharing all the doors. I especially enjoyed the third of the links about your visit to Tintinhull garden. We are going to England in the summer and now I have another garden to visit! (Have you been to Mottisfont Abbey in Hampshire?)

Leslie said...

Beautiful shot! Thanks!

Willow said...

And I'm replying to you here too: How does Mottisfont compare to Tintinhull?

Ambera said...

Terrific pictures! I've enjoyed looking through them!

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

...Thanks for your comment on The Dedicated Blogger! Started doing them last week, and post them on my main page first - just added another.Not sure how often I'll update - depends if something appeals to my sense of humour....

Sue said...

Lucky for me that the Doors of the World have opened to show me your work and world. I'm enjoying this trip around the globe and meeting such wonderful artists and bloggers. This is a beautiful door: what a shame it is no longer possible to make the journey through it, but what tales it must have to tell. Best wishes.

Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Large wooden doors are very mysterious -- solid, dependable...and this one is historical as well!

Sara said...

There's something a little sad about abandoned doors, as if the purpose for their existance has disappeared forever. Or perhaps not...such a lovely, graceful door as this will surely be opened again, maybe to a whole new purpose....

Barrie said...

What a wonderful addition to all these doors around the world--an abandoned door. If only it could talk... Thank you for this great photo!

Autumn said...

This is a pretty one, It makes me want to peek inside.

Joanne said...

I love the thought of what might have passed through those doors and gone on to various parts of the country, into different people's hands and lives. Thanks for this picture, and for the imagination it has set free!

Frank Gardner said...

Nice door. I love train stations.