Saturday, March 22, 2008

Heaven Scent

The wisteria is in full bloom now. Maybe it's because of global warming, but it does seem early this year. The scent is intoxicating and permeates the back garden which will be nice for our Easter party tomorrow. I spent a few hours outside this afternoon watering, tidying up and planting a few annuals. It seems odd to be watering already, but it hasn't rained in weeks and it was over 70 degrees here today.
It's been hectic the last few days here Amongst The Oaks. We've been busy getting Teen1 and Teen2 ready for Easter Break. They are leaving for Mexico tomorrow evening with the church youth group to build a house for a needy family. I still can't believe 15 kids can really build a house in 5 days, but Teen1 says she will photograph the whole process. Being the do-it-yourselfers that we are, they have seen and helped on construction projects, and a few adults will be there to guide them, but they have to use all hand tools. No Makita? No Skillsaw? No Sawzall? What a challenge! Lack of power tools won't be the only challenge though. They also have to camp out, use an outhouse, and prepare their own meals. But what a great experience this will be and hopefully, building skills won't be the only thing they learn.


Morning said...

Gosh, but they are delicious! I also love the smell of wisteria, especially when you walk under an arch covered with it.

Beverly said...

Ah, the wisteria is oh so lovely. It hasn't started to bloom here yet.

We have been in extreme drought conditions, and watering anything outside is prohibited. We have been blessed with some rain recently, and there is talk that some of the restrictions may be lifted. We haven't planted anything new because of the uncertainty, and we lost several mature azaleas last year due to the drought.

You must be so proud of your children. The experience should be wonderful, and I hope you will share a few pictures.

Janet said...

That wisteria is beautiful. My friend in SoCal is lamenting that hers is not blossoming and has perhaps succumbed to???something, anything, who knows? I don't see it much here in my part of New England, makes it all the more beautiful to me.