Monday, December 29, 2008

Cozy Cabin

I'm going to sound like an advertisement for Sorensen's Resort, but I've just got to show you how cute their cabins are. We were in Ponderosa. It's a two room cabin that sleeps four people.
Here is the front of the cabin. It has a covered porch with room for your ice chest and the firewood that is replenished daily by the management.

Inside is a picture and explanation of the ponderosa pine.
Here is the bedroom side; two double beds, a dresser, a recliner, the wood stove, and a closet and bathroom (out of the picture to the right).
Here is the kitchen side; windows on three sides, table and four chairs, frige, sink, storage and range.

To make our cabin a little homier, I brought this "SNUGGLE" banner, Christmas dishes, red plaid table linens, and some woodsy candles.

But I didn't have to do a THING to improve the views. I love this little cabin.


Neabear said...

That sounds lovely. A wonderful getaway. Maybe a four hour drive for us to get there. I don't know. I will have to check exact locations and get driving directions to see how far away it is for us. I would love that for an extended weekend get away. Thanks for sharing with us.

Beverly said...

It looks like a perfect place to relax and get comfy cozy.

travelbug said...

Oh, it looks wonderful!! I'm so glad you had a perfect time and got there and home safely. I was thinking of you the entire time and knew it had to be great.
Our Christmas day began early and was wild; how could it have been anything else??

PS Cute towels! ;-)

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

That couldn't be any more beautiful!
A little nippy for me tho~ I'd need more than a snuggle.

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

WOW! Just gorgeous! The "snuggle" banner, tableclotha and banner are the perfect homey touch. What a special Christmas! Have a Happy New Year!

dana said...

That was beautiful! Thanks for the gorgeous share. Dana

PS Have a Wonderful New Year--I can't imagine what you will do to top Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hello - just discovered your blog - lovely! I'm looking forward to visiting often. I do know what wellies are (I'm in England) - had mine on this morning to walk the dog.
Happy New Year to you

Home Interior said...

The cabins are lovely to spend time more in any weekend and moreover the oak designs are so nice that we have a homely effect to spend with family.Thanks for sharing.

Happy New Year!!