Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Winter Crafts

One of my New Year's resolutions way back in January was to do more craft projects. And over the year I have done a few, but one I'd been wanting to do just never happened until we went to the cabin. My idea was to make a redwork tea towel of all our trips so I took these tea towels and some red embroidery floss and finally finished one. I had sketched them out and this one seemed easiest, so here is Mexico 2007. Ta Da!
We drove to Mulege in Baja Mexico and saw lots of cactus amongst the hills, and lots of shells at the beach so those are all the things I put in the design. Below you see my rendition of a jumping cholla cactus. I'm quite happy with the first one and have several others sketched out. I'll post photos as I finish them.

Another project that I finished was this SNUGGLE banner. When I found out about the cabin visions of red plaid started spinning in my head, so I got a few sheets of red plaid scrapbook paper and cut them into triangles. Then I glued them onto the stiffer white paper and cut out the letters. Unfortunately I used the wrong glue for the white glitter and they came out yellow! Awk! I tried to make them white again, but they were a disaster so I threw them out. So into my craft bag went the half-finished banner, some extra card, new white glue and the glitter. And on Christmas Eve there I was making new letters and finishing the banner. I'm glad I didn't give up and took supplies to finish it there.

And look, after seeing the banner day after day, Teen2 took its advice and snuggled up for a nap one afternoon. Under red plaid. Too cute.


spot said...

happy New Year from Spot and the Orchard House gang, Cornwall

Beverly said...

What a great project idea, and your first one looks fantastic.

Happy new year to you and your family, Laura.

travelbug said...

Great towels; what a fun idea!

Happy New Year to all of you.


Neabear said...

What a great idea to make the tea towels! You did a great job on the first one. Can't wait to see what else you do! Happy New Year!