Sunday, December 7, 2008

Living Room Decorations

And so it starts.....

I spent Friday evening and all day yesterday fussing around in the Living Room. Here's what I ended up with on the mantle. A simple garland with ribbon and two gold angels, red transferware plates, my faux Staffordshire dogs, and Santa photos of the girls in these wonderful red transferward frames.

Can you believe the luck of finding these? They match my Tower Pink dishes perfectly! I was positively giddy as I assembled them on the mantle.

Here is the finished tree. Now I've got to run because we're having that party tonight,
but check out my helpers.
That's Prince Charming there helping Teen2 assemble the Christmas village.
Aren't they adorable?


Kat said...

The mantle looks grand! Love the photos of the kids with Sant. Everything looks very festive.
Your children are adorable.

Anonymous said...

How pretty! I love all the red and the sparkle. Great find with the frames. They match your other pieces so well.
Karen xo

tam said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Looks like it could be out of a magazine!
~Tam :D

Pippajo said...

Absolutely smashing!

And those two are adorable, but I'll never tell them you said so.

Neabear said...

That is an adorable picture of Prince Charming and your teen. Makes you wonder what they are talking about there. It sort of draws you in. I like how your decorating is going. I posted my messy boxes on my blog too. Heehee

dana said...

Hi Laura, Your tree is so pretty! Is it a real one---it looks like it is! We have two in water buckets on the patio--waiting for me to find the time to bring them inside and decorate them!

I love your stash of cloth napkins and tablecloths---I love em, too.

Hope your party was great! I'm sure it was. Dana