Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter Formal

Tonight is a momentous occasion for my little girls. They went to their first "formal" dance. It was pretty hectic around here from 3:00 to 6:00 with four girls getting ready together. We had some last minute alterations, and lots of squealing, but they finally got it together and they looked fine. I just keep thinking how different things are today from when I was in high school.

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and the Lord of the Manor and I were in high school, a boy would ask a girl he liked to go to the dance. If she liked him, she'd accept and then plan her hair, make-up, dress, and accessories weeks in advance. They would go to dinner, then the dance, and maybe he'd kiss her afterwards and then they'd be "dating".
But with this group, I can't even keep score! It seems purple dress was asked by tuxedo guy, but he really likes silver dress. Then blue dress liked blue tie guy, but it seems the fire has cooled, but they are still going to the dance together. Now gray tie guy likes. . . heck, I can't remember now, but he's standing next to green dress. Oh, and purple dress likes a guy who's not even going to the dance. . . See what I mean? It's crazy!
So, I'm all confused about who likes who and it doesn't really matter. But see these two here? With these two there's no confusion. I love them both, right up to the moon and back. Just like the Big Nutbrown Hare.


travelbug said...

Absolutely darling! I hope they had a wonderful time.
Auntie travelbug loves them, too!
Hugs and kisses!

Lorri said...

They are all beautiful and I hope they had a wonderful time! We get tickled when the kids come home and say that they are "going together" My husband always ask "where are you going?" They get so aggravated. These are special years, enjoy them.

Pippajo said...

They look absolutely sweet and beautiful! And you know what else? Girlish and innocent, not like they're growing up too fast! You must be doing something right!

I had to laugh at your explanation of the soap opera that surrounds school dances these days. We had similar drama swirling around our big dance a few weeks ago. And we're STILL trying to sort out who likes who and what, exactly, does "going out" mean?

Thanks for sharing these!

Beverly said...

Ah, youth! Laura, they are just beautiful. These memories are priceless treasures.

Neabear said...

I got confused reading your post. Couldn't keep up with who likes who. So crazy. But the point is to have a great time. I never went to any of those fancy dances. I missed out I guess. Both of my kids did the "Boat Dance". It was always held in November. Don't know if they still do it. But they leave from Tiberon and go out on the San Francisco Bay and eat and dance. When my son went, we took him and his girlfriend and her mother picked them up. When my daugher went, they had a group of 4 couples and each split the cost of going in a limo. Saved having the parents drive them to and from Tiberon, which is about an hour drive from here.

Kat said...

Your girls are beautiful! Looks like they had a great time.

Mary said...

Oh how sweet! They look so beautiful. And I love that book!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks beautiful and handsome! What a fun and special time.

Martha said...

You have the cutest girls EVAH!