Friday, October 16, 2009

Natural Halloween Decorations

I like my Halloween decorations to look natural; well, as natural as Halloween decorations can look anyway. So I don't have any giant purple nylon inflatable spiders. But I do have these shriveled grapes and this spider on the web Teen2 made out of yarn.
And I also have this real spider in the front garden. I've been watching her for about two weeks. I worried about her during the storm, but I found her in the same spot with a new web this morning. I think she is in the Neoscona family, but I'm no expert. Any guesses?

I really like spiders and am always happy to see a web in my garden. They are such good neighbors! Eating all the nasty flies and such for us and never asking for anything in return. And apparently she has eaten LOTS of flies because she is huge. Her abdomen is easily 1/2" across. If you click on the photo below you should be able to see her many eyes. And her hairy legs.

Whilst photographing the spider, this Northern Flicker flew over and landed in the tree. What a treat; they are usually so shy. However, the flicker is not very Halloweenish, but if I could get crows to land in my graveyard, my decorating would be perfect!


Blondie's Journal said...

I love the natural decorations too and I love your yarn spider. And your real spider is a beauty also. They are not poisonous, I hope. She is big enough for your faux web!!

I love how you can identify birds. My neighbor at the lake is very good at that too, but there are so many spieces, I can't remember them!!

Enjoy your weekend, Laura!


Bishop Stone said...

love that spider. I think I will have to go to the usa one year just to see halloween over there. I wish more houses here would decorate for halloween. I really love your grave stones.