Friday, December 11, 2009

Mistletoe Ball

I borrowed {ok, stole} this mistletoe ball photo from Martha Stewart. What a nice old fashioned decoration for the holidays. I thought about making one, so the other morning the Lord of the Manor and I cut some mistletoe out of a tree on our morning walk. And we brought it home and dumped it on the floor just inside the front door. And there it sat for several days.

This morning I thought it had sat there long enough, so I did this:
Yes, that's right, I just nestled it into the chandelier on the front porch. No trimming, no bow, no craftiness, I just plopped it up there!

Some people have compared me to Marthat Stewart. Heck, some people have even called me Martha Stewart. I guess that will stop now, eh?


travelbug said...

Oh, little Martha, you crack me up!!


Chris said...

Now that is one fabulous kissing ball! Martha has nothing on you!

moosh said...

I think it looks quite lovely. Very natural as it would look hanging from a tree.

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Still, it looks wonderful! I love your version!

Martha said...

Ooooo!!! I LOVE it!!

Sorry I haven't been around - our computer crashed - it's being fixed right now :)

Hope you are doing well! I'm catching up on your blog right now.