Monday, December 28, 2009

VW Beetle Engine

We put the engine back in the Volkswagen on Sunday. Here's the engine compartment ready for new insulation and the engine, but first we had to reconnect the tail light wires.....
then fuss with the insulation to make it fit properly. The new pieces are basically correct, but sometimes holes must be cut or edges must be trimmed. Around the edges of the opening you can see the metal tabs on the chassis that bend up and/or down to hold the insulation in place.

Next we wheeled the engine up to the back of the car and reintroduced them.
"Hello, car, my name is engine. How do you do?"
"Oh, hello, I remember you. How've you been?"
"Not well at all. I've been in hospital, but I'm much better now. I think I had a heart transplant!"
"Well, I've had some cosmetic procedures myself and I suddenly feel quite young!"
Whilst they chatted, we raised the chassis up high enough to slip the engine under it. We used a forklift with straps around the bumper supports.

Then we wheeled the engine under the car with a floor jack and lowered the car down over it. When it was about 6" off the ground we put jack stands under the frame and moved the forklift out of the way.

Then the Lord of the Manor jockeyed it around whilst I raised the engine with the floor jack and Teen1 took photos. It's all about teamwork, people.

Gradually the engine raised into place. Then suddenly there was cursing! The Lord of the Manor had forgotten that bl*$!ty b{%^ shroud that goes on the front of the engine, but we managed to weasel it in without totally removing the engine.

After more jockeying and raising and jockeying some more, the four bolts that hold it in place were tightened up and it was home again. We also put on the remaining shrouding, reconnected the gas line and accelerator linkage, and installed the air hoses. And then we put the new gasket around the opening, and re-installed the bonnet/hood. I do believe this little bug will be driving next weekend. Stay tuned!

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The Lucy and Dick Show said...

I have garage envy! I'm going to post our Roxanne when I get the photos all figured out!