Monday, December 7, 2009


Hey, check this out. We have snow in Central California! See the blue stuff on the satellite image up above? That's SNOW. In Sacramento and Stockton. I can't remember the last time it snowed here, but it's a big deal. Usually our winter storms come from the south and carry tropical moisture which is always warm, but this storm has collided with a blast of cold from Canada, so it has brought the white stuff down to our valley. What fun.
Teen1 and I first noticed it about 6:40am when we were coming home from the grocery store. I thought the rain was kind of fluffy and sure enough, it was snowflakes. There's one on her coat sleeve.

Here's what our house looked like with a few flakes in the photo. Almost as soon as it appeared, it disappeared, but I'm hoping it comes back and stays a little longer. Snow Amongst The Oaks. Amazing.


LemonyRenee' said...

Amazing things happen this time of year! Did you really come home from a grocery store at 6:40 AM?? Now, for me, THAT would be amazing. I'm hoping, for the sandman's sake, you meant 6:40pm.

Either way, happy snowflakes!

Anonymous said...

no we really went to the store that early! haha
love your blog mommy!
i miss the snow though! haha

-Teen 1!!

Pippajo said...

Lucky you! We got snow on Saturday night which is a rarity around here, but I understand it's even more rare where you are.

Glad you got to share it with Teen 1!

Neabear said...

We were forecast to have a mix of rain and snow, but that didn't happen. I guess it happened in your area instead and missed us over here. But we do have freeze warnings again for tonight. Brrr!! I remember it snowed in Napa in 1976 and I think one other year too. And in 1990 it was so cold my parents pool had a layer of ice on it. Thick enough to carefully walk on it too. A lot of water pipes burst that year including some at the retirement home my grandparents were living in that the time. Crazy!


travelbug said...

I'm pretty sure my grocery store isn't even open at 6:40 a.m. and I know my eyes aren't!!
All we got was rain, no snow, but we've had a dusting in the past; somewhere I even have some photos!


Amongst The Oaks said...

Yes, we went to the store at 6am. Food4Less where I shop is open 24 hours and we never got there last weekend, so we were desperate.

Linnea - I remember that year! It was reeeeally cold. (I believe that was about when Teen1 was conceived. Hehehe.) There were burst pipes all over town, and lots of plants were lost.

Dawn said...

It was a crazy day yesterday! I didn't get to see any snow but my daughter said it snowed at school and the teacher took them outside to feel it.

I heard it was even sticking to the ground in some places in Modesto.

I only remember it snowing in the valley 3 times my whole life.

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Isn't it fabulous that you got some snow for December?