Friday, January 25, 2008

Heading Home

Our trusty Yaris did indeed take us over the river and through the woods to cousin James' house. He lives in a charming little town in Dartmoor National Park. We explored the town and especially enjoyed shopping at Webber & Sons and James Bowden & Son where I purchased my Wellies. They say if these shops don't have it, it can't be had! Quality produce was readily available and one day a week the fish monger brings her mobile fish shop to the Market Square. I think I could live here quite comfortably.

One day we drove to Dartmouth and Dittisham. We decided to take the ferry to Greenway House, so I dutifully rang the bell.......

and the "ferry" arrived........

and off we went to visit another garden. It covers acres and we walked every path. Good exercise I thought. I could have visited even more, but the Lord of the Manor can only do about 10 gardens per week and then he says, "Enough!"

When we got home, James' wife was making red current jam on her Aga. I wanted to drool all over it (the Aga, not the jam), but I restrained myself. Too bad Agas are so heavy... and expensive... and hot. I'd love to have one. Isn't this just the cutest photo of Elizabeth and her puppy Maggie? Their house was newer, but charming, and it had things like an endless roller towel, an airing rack, a stable door (Dutch door) in the utility room, and a crunchy gravel drive. And Elizabeth said things like, "Would you like some chokie bikkies?" and "How killing!" (I'll translate for my American audience: Would you like some chocolate cookies? and That's hilarious!)

Again we said our Thank Yous and Goodbyes and headed towards Heathrow, going through the town of Tintinhull. Look at this beautiful building. I love the color of the stone and tried to capture it when we plastered our house.
After lunch we....Oh! Look! Another garden!....visited Tintinhull House Garden. I liked this garden best of all the ones we visited.
We spent quite a bit of time here examining every part of the garden and talking with the head gardener. After studying it in my gardening books for years, it was a real treat to see it in person. Everything was just perfect and so, well, um, British. Look at the size of this fabulous wisteria covering the shop.

And now it was time to leave this magical land and step back into our real world with its jobs and kids and hustle and bustle. We left reluctantly but sure in the knowledge that the door is always open should we ever return.


Jenn Thorson said...

Oh, it's so beautiful-- I feel like I just had a little vacation. I do believe I'll always be delighted by a good thatched roof! What a wonderful trip you'd had.

closed account said...

Hi Laura it all sounds so wonderful, England has the most beautiful villages ever, I would love to hire a camper and travel through all my wish list ones! for a few weeks, but I must say the quality of your photographs have just taken me on a whimsical little journey of my own, thank you for sharing them, and James's cousins kitchen is a lovely welcoming photo, the Aga and a puppy, well, too much in one picture for me, didn't know which one to drool over myself, lol...
the boat one of you ringing the bell is fab, oh really can't fault any of them at all,meant to ask, on the post below Dartmoor, is that you sitting on the mound of the rocks?,again these a really amazing quality, I think you should get in touch with the UK tourist board , and sell them your photographs, hope you have copyrighted them all, expensive I know but worth it in the long run, believe me I know!!!tell you later (e-mail)....anyway thank you again for a lovely journey again today, now I will sit back with my tea and bikkies,and dream of Aga's and puppies, all on the way in a camper van to England, ...Awhhh can feel the stress melt away already, bye for now Laura, I am having a little break again in my posting but will be popping in again now and then..
love and hugs Kath x:)

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Laura. just wonderful, it is easy to see that you two had a truly fantastic time. Yes, I still paint scenery, but just quit full time, see my blog this week, I was back helping out. I remember when I just got out of College, I tried for a job painting signs. After he gave a try at it, as part of applying for the job. He took a look at the very simple sign I had painted,& said he thought it would be real nice if I worked for some of his competeters. I was crushed. Funny guy. amy

Mary said...

Oh Laura - this was my childhood 'playground' and your beautiful photos and fun trip descriptions have been just wonderful! I spent so much time on Dartmoor especially - just a short drive from home - and loved to going down to Cornwall, St. Ives, Looe & Polperro etc.

Glad you enjoyed it all so much and had great weather - actually too hot right? We were in the South of France at that same time and it was roasting!

Thanks for the memories!

Amongst The Oaks said...

Thank you everyone for your nice comments. And yes Kath, that's me on the tor. I wanted to spend hours walking amongst them, but had to be content with just gazing at them. But someday I will return and walk for miles.