Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a safe and warm celebration last night. The Lord of the Manor and I stayed home, drank a very nice bottle of Merlot, watched a movie and went to bed early. At midnight I heard fire works signaling the beginning of a new year. And this morning we started it out with a brisk walk. It was very quiet out, I guess everyone is sleeping in and/or recovering from excess libations.I want to share these photos from Hope Valley and Lake Tahoe that we took on our trip. The beauty of snow covered mountains never ceases to amaze me. The first two are in the Hope Valley area.

This photo is of Lake Tahoe from the road to Emerald Bay near Inspiration Point. The road was closed to traffic so we started walking up, but a snow plow driver told us to get off the road, so this is as far as we made it.

This is Emerald Bay.

And this is Cascade Lake from the same location.
Wishing you all a safe and prosperous New Year from Amongst The Oaks.


the homely year said...

What wonderful scenery...wishing you a very happy and healthy new year.
Margaret and Noreen

Neabear said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Happy New Year!

Morning said...

What lovely pics -- you are getting clever with your camera!

travelbug said...

Love your photos! They brought back many happy memories of our winter Tahoe trips. It's lovely any time of year, though.


Beverly said...

Happy New Year, Laura.

Your pictures are wonderful. Oh, the beauty nature shares!

Rowan said...

What lovely photographs, especially the middle one. Oddly enough I live close to a Hope Valley too, but in my case it's in Derbyshire in England. Little John, Robin Hood's companion, is buried in the church of one of the villages there.