Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lavender Season

I hope you had an enjoyable Fourth of July. Early this morning I sat outside on my chaise lounge and worked on my lavender. The sun was slanting in through the oak trees, the Lord of the Manor was reading the paper, and we were sharing a pot of coffee. It was a wonderful way to start the Holiday Weekend.
During lavender season The Lord of the Manor gathers bunches of lavender early in the morning and I put it into vases to dry for a few days. Then I rub the flowers off into a glass jar to save for sachets.
It always amazes me that these tiny little flowers could have such a powerful scent!

Happy Fourth of July from Amongst The Oaks.


For more information on lavender, Google "lavender uses" or check out this site.


AnnaVallance said...

I have been growing lavender for years and always look forward to this time of year. Last week we cut 25 bundles of lavender which are nicely drying and will soon be made into eye pillows.

Beyond the Nest said...

I love lavender and have some drying now, too. I never knew what to do with it except take in the wonderful aroma. Maybe I'll try making a sachet or even an eye pillow. What else, I wonder, can lavender be used for? Any suggestions? Thanks for your post. Karen

Neabear said...

I have a lavendar sachet in my drawer. Isn't lavendar supposed to be a soothing scent, one that helps to make you feel better? I forget now. Maybe I need it for my memory! LOL! I have a couple of Madrid lavendar plants in my yard, but not the ones you are using here. This looks like a very pleasant thing to do.

Mary said...

We grow a great deal of lavender here in Oregon. It is wonderfully fragrant with a scent so fresh it's like a breath of high mountain air. I loved your photos.