Thursday, July 9, 2009

Berry Pie

I should have posted this on the Fourth of July because with my red and beige striped towel, and the bluish berries, this photo reminds me of our flag.

But it's not my Fourth of July post, it's my annual berry picking post. The Lord of the Manor and I picked these last weekend. The berries are always ripe here the first week of July so that's when we go berry picking. I'm following a family tradition. I can remember doing this as a child with my family and we would pick so many that my mom would make a pie, a cobbler, and several jars of jam.

Here is the pie I made.

Soon it was cooling by the window, but guess what? It was so late we didn't eat any. We left it for breakfast {yes, I had pie for breakfast} the next morning.

And boy was it good. As you can see I don't put any thickener in my berry pies. And the juice often bubbles up a bit, but I don't care, it still tastes good.


Pippajo said...

Pie for breakfast: hey, you've got fruit and grains, what's not to love? Looks luscious!

Neabear said...

Pie for breakfast sounds great to me!

JC said...

That looks GooD !!!

We had blueberry cobbler yesterday ..

Mary said...

Now that's what I call a pie! I'll wager it was gone before the day was out.