Friday, September 25, 2009

Bat Cave

Today's project was the Bat Cave. I cut out lots of bat shapes from black paper and stuck them all along these doors. Then I made a drippy cave ceiling thing, painted it black and stuck it above this door.
Then I added one hanging bat, and "Voila" - a bat cave.

I also have this strange old iron lamp with blue flame lightbulbs that will be next to the bat cave.
The decorations are progressing nicely here Amongst The Oaks.


Neabear said...

Awesome! You do such a great job on these!!

JC said...

I used to decorate when my teenagers were young.

Anonymous said...

oh eh gee. i LUUUURVE the new page design mom. xD

Pippajo said...

Oh boy, you're going to think I'm copying you!

I'm putting the bats up, too! My sister and I were planning on getting started on them this weekend!

Also, it's not up yet, but I spent most of yesterday giving my blog a spooky facelift and it seems we have a lot of the same ideas!

Needless to say, I LOVE the new look and I SWEAR I didn't steal your ideas! Great minds think alike, I guess...

the homely year said...

Gosh, you're really getting ready for Halloween...scary or what!
Margaret and Noreen

Joy said...

Love it, especially the neat lamp.