Thursday, September 24, 2009

Haunted House

I put up my little haunted house silhouette yesterday. Last year I had some dried twigs as trees, but they were falling apart, so I guess I'll have to make new trees this year. The moon is yellow tissue paper glued over a wire circle and it's attached to the downlight in the bookcase.
It's getting creepy here Amongst The Oaks.


Dawn said...

Looks great. Your new header is a scream. How fun!

Pippajo said...

I've been itching to switch my blog to its spookier Halloween settings...been trying to make myself wait until October 1st...but your new heading just might do me in!

I am planning on lugging the Halloween bins up from the basement this weekend, though; and we WILL be putting our cornstalks up tomorrow!

Love the silhouette!

Neabear said...

Spooky! Your blog is really getting spooky now. Love the new header! I noticed that right away. You are having so much fun. Looking forward to what other spooky stuff you put up this year.