Friday, July 4, 2008

Berry Time

We have a unique 4th of July tradition in my family; blackberry picking. When I was a kid, my dad used to take us along the riverbanks in our boat. We would pick dishpans full of them for my mom to make jam. I think we kids ate as many as we put in the pans, but there were always plenty anyway. We'd get back home stained, sticky, and scratched, but happy nonetheless.

When the Lord of the Manor and I lived on a sailboat, I used to take the dinghy over along the banks and pick only a large bowlful because there were just the two of us. I usually made a pie and it disappeared pretty quickly for only two people.

Teen1 asked today if we could go berry picking. She must have really wanted to because she helped with lots of chores this morning without being asked! So around noon we drove over to the sailing club where lots of berries grow wild.

Although the berries are still blooming, the biggest and best berries are perfectly ripe right now. The trick is to lift the bunch without getting poked and get the ripest ones hiding below.

We came home, stained, sticky, and scratched as usual. But we had lots of beautiful berries. And look what's in the oven right this very minute.
The timer just rang! Now look what's cooling by the window. Yum!

P.S. I walked today; 60 minutes/8047 steps


Morning said...

What a lovely post -- and great tradition. There's nothing like fresh, ripe berries, straight from the bush. And your pie looks amazing.

Beverly said...

Blackberries are my favorite, but I've never been picking.

My husband says he used to pick blackberries where he grew up.

The pie looks so tempting.

Country Girl said...

I loved this post and can't wait to make this pie at my new place. We're moving soon, I just know it. And we've already begun to pack. Thanks for the kind comment you've left on my blog.