Monday, November 19, 2007


Living Amongst The Oaks as we do, acorns are all around us. I pulled these out af a large flower pot where they had been busy doing what acorns do. While we were eating Halloween candy and planning Thanksgiving dinner they were putting down roots; 13" long roots in one case! They do this long before any green shows above. Clever aren't they? It's good life advice really: Put down strong roots before you branch out.

All kinds of acorns come into our life here Amongst The Oaks. Here are some fabric acorns.

And here are some ceramic acorns.

And here are some metal acorns.

And we have even purposefully added acorns in details around the house. There are acorns carved in doors and in the library mantel.

We must really like acorns to have so many in our lives and home. Then again, maybe we're just a bunch of nuts!


PG said...

Ah, I love the oak leaf and acorn motif, there is something quite classical and - old - about it. What a beautiful collection you here.

(Happy Thanksgiving, btw)

Carrie said...

I also seek out acorn accessories for Oak Rise Cottage. Last fall I gathered up a bunch of acorns from the steps and driveway.