Friday, November 9, 2007

Living Room

Last time we talked about the Big Remodel we had just gotten our permit signed off. The house was basically done. Now it was time for the mouldings, cabinets, paint treatments, and custom touches that would make it ours. This magazine photo was my inspiration for the living room. I felt this decor really looked like a comfortable English sitting room. I loved the red chintz drapes with tassels. I liked the idea of a desk/reading table in the front window. I loved the striped chair and the pretty lamp and the oil paintings.

Here's our version of the magazine. Our table and chairs are a little different. Our shelves have glass doors. The drapes are pretty close. And we have beams and columns. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out and have found it to be very versatile. We sometimes set up a small dining table in the front window when we have lots of guests. And the Christmas tree goes there in December. And that table changes now and then. Right now it's a Library table I found at an antique store.

Here's an interesting feature of our Living Room. The Lord of the Manor built all these great storage closets along one wall. They have paneled doors and it sort of looks like a paneled wall. But behind them is storage for Christmas ornaments, dishes, table linens and a coat closet. And this is where the secret door ended up. There it is leading to the girls' bedrooms.

Now I need some advice. Does anyone think I should hang pictures on the paneled doors? The rest of the room is colorful and busy, but this side is rather plain with that huge expanse of white. It would reinforce the illusion of a wall, but it would be a bit of a hassle when I wanted to get into the closets. So what do you think? I'd appreciate your input.


Joanna said...

Your house is lovely. Tricky one with the panels, would picutres not get in the way opening and closing.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Oooh goody more photos of your house! I love your curtain fabric, is it by Bennison or Kate Forman? If not, it's very similar in style to them! As for the panels, that is a tricky one! What about hanging some passementarie tassels from some of them? That's what I have on every door in my house-they add interest and look old-fashioned too.x

PG said...

Oh my, I wish I had a fraction of that wonderful storage space!

I kind of like the simplicity of the white panelling, but the tassels idea sounds like a great solution (and far less hassle to move when you want access!)

Pippajo said...

Oh boy, I, too, am jealous of all that storage space! We hope to add a much smaller wall of closets as part of the master plan for our cottage, but I know that won't be a reality for years! And the hidden door? Absolutely brilliant!

I'm so glad to have discovered this blog! I just read through every post and love it so much! I, too, have quite an affinity for Wellies, roses, stone cottages and cream teas! I'm thinking of asking for Wellies for Christmas this year as well as a subscription to The English Home, a magazine I treat myself to whenever I get the chance to spend a few hours at Borders.

I will definitely be back!

Amongst The Oaks said...

Thank you all for your suggestions. I think I'll try the tassels first and see how that looks. Then if I fell that's not enough, I'll try hooks over the top of the doors - I don't plan to put nails into them! Hugs, Laura

Martha said...

YOUR LIVINGROOM!!!!!! Love it!

And I'd do the pictures on the doors.