Monday, November 5, 2007

More Roses

Honestly, here it is November and the roses just keep blooming. I guess I'll have to make another bouquet. This is how I do it. First I gather the roses cutting them off properly so the bush will make another long stem. Then I pick off the leaves and thorns and put them in a bath of cold water. These are Double Delight, Passionate Kisses, and Mt. Hood. I let them soak there while I select a vase and fill it with water. I always put in a couple drops of bleach to keep the water fresh. Then I cut the stems off at the proper length with a razor blade under water. The theory is that if you cut them out in the air, air will get in the cells and block their access to the water. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it seems to help. Then I shake the water out of the petals and plunk them into the vase. Sometimes I add a little leatherleaf fern or some other flower that happens to be blooming, but this bouquet is just roses. I'd like to enjoy them in all their glory before they're gone.

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