Saturday, November 3, 2007

The English Home magazine

Sophie Honeysuckle suggested we compare this magazine and today seemed like a good time to do that. I had to take Teen1 to school by 6am to catch the bus to a Band Review. It's still dark and chilly outside, so let's sit here in the Library by the fire and have tea whilst we peruse it, shall we?

Here's the cover; an old stone hall with a huge Christmas tree.

Then there is an article about Mount Edgecombe Farm. Gorgeous Tudor styling with dark beams and huge fireplaces. So cozy.

I like these Elements of Style pages. Oh look! There's a plaid blanket like I've laid our tea on. And I love those Cologne and Cotton table cloths.

Then there's this article on a Georgian gentleman's residence. I like that arrangement on their mantle. I have a magnolia tree out front. Maybe I'll try that this Christmas.

Oooooo.... I seriously want a pine dresser, but don't know where I would put it. There's just no room in my kitchen for something that large.

Then there's an article on a home in Shaftesbury. It has these chairs in the kitchen. I'd love to have four of those in my kitchen, but I'll never find them here in California.

Then there's this article on creating a comfortable sitting room. My sitting room seems to be a gaming room lately since Teen2 has her Wii set up in there. Perhaps it's time to reclaim it!

Then there's this fun article on vintage luggage.

And a section of seasonal activities; Christmas markets, Victorian parades, skating rinks, Trafalgar Square's huge Christmas tree.

And finally, one of my favorite features, a designer talks about his or her own home. I wasn't so keen on Roger Oates stye, but in October Harriet Scott was featured and I loved her style.

Well, it's light outside now, we've finished our tea, so it's time for a walk. Thanks for joining me and I hope you enjoyed our version of The English Home.


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Ooh it is exactly the same! I can't wait for the next edition of it to come out! Is it popular in the States? Thanks for posting all the photos!x

Amongst The Oaks said...

I first found it at Barnes & Noble many years ago and it was love at first sight. I don't think it's very popular here; most homes in California are "Mediterranean" style.