Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Laundry Room

When we first moved into this house, the laundry room was the first room to be remodeled. We pretty much had to because the water heater was electric, old, inefficient and dying. So we removed the old concrete laundry tub, the funky washer and dryer, and the water heater. Then we built a special closet for the new gas water heater, tiled the floor, built new cabinets and a broom closet, installed under-counter machines like they use in Europe, and installed a kitchen sink with disposer. The laundry room has a door to the driveway and for years that was our main entry door. On the opposite wall from this photo is the broom closet and two shelves with hooks below for back packs, umbrells, clothes, etc.
This room has served us well all these years. When we did the Big Remodel we used it to finish our hair and brush our teeth in the mornings. When we remodeled the kitchen we used it as a kitchen. We had the dishes and microwave in here and did all the washing up here.

It's right next to the dining room so when we have parties we stack the dirty dishes here. And of course we do all the laundry and folding here. That's the washing maching in the middle and the dryer on the far right. I store seldom-used dishes and cleaning supplies in the cabinets above the counter. And sometimes this room is used for flower arranging and arts and crafts.

So here it is, several years after its renovation, still looking pretty good. A little worn here and there, but still quite serviceable. I'd like to paint the walls to match the kitchen color and maybe touch up the white woodwork, but basically I still love it.


Pippajo said...

Oh how lovely. My laundry room is a good-sized room, but very utilitarian. I admit, I've been eyeing it lately with the wheels in my brain turning, but it will have to wait until we finish the coat closet, the upstairs bathroom, the fireplace...it's gonna be a while!


Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I really look forward to receiving comments. How I would love to have a laundry room, and great to have all that extra cupboard space too, I have a relatively small kitchen so every now and again I have to have a rethink and send china etc to charity shops, otherwise we would just get overrun and the cupboard doors wouldn't shut! I would also love to have a spare room for hobbies too, which would maybe mean I wouldn't have to keep clearing up after myself the whole time. Will look in again soon. x