Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Funk

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been in a bit of a funk for a few days. Some days it seems impossible to find the time to blog. Some days it seems impossible to find the inspiration to blog. Some days it seems impossible to find the words to blog. But in the last few days, it has been impossible to find my photos to blog. You see, I let someone mess with my camera. I know, WHY, WHY, WHY did I do that? Well, I never imagined that someone would actually delete all my photos while simply looking at my camera. It isn't an easy thing to do and the camera asks you more than once if you're sure you want to delete all the photos. But anyway it happened. So I stewed about it and thought about it and finally Googled "restore deleted photos" and found a program to recover them. It was only a $40.00 lesson, but a valuable lesson none the less. But I'm having trouble getting back up to speed so please bear with me. I'll get there. And in the mean time let's enjoy these photos of things that make me happy.


Thrift Shop Romantic said...

Hang in there. It IS hard to find time to blog when you've got other responsibilities-- but have a tea (or the consoling beverage of your choice) and try not to stress about it. People understand we all are balancing a million things.

The photos are lovely-- the first time I saw an actual thatched roof home, I was absolutely delighted.

Here's to better things ahead!

Pippajo said...

Ah, those pics make me happy too!

I understand those funks all too well. But I've found they tend to go in cycles. Here's hoping you cycle back around soon!