Sunday, January 6, 2008


I bought this cute calendar the other day at Flourish & Blotts, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, whatever....

I reminds me of my elementary school days. Good old Dick and Jane. I thought they were so cool when I was in first grade. They had this perfect little family and their Mom and Dad were always so dressed up. (Not at all like my family.) And Jane had this caring older brother to look after her. And nothing ever went wrong at their house. Check out how "Mother" and "Father" looked. Even jumping rope they were dressed up and perfectly groomed. When I jump rope, I'm usually in sweats and my hair is all wild. And sometimes I have to run to the bathroom because I'm wetting myself. I've even been known to do cartwheels with my daughters, but after breaking my bum last time I tried that, I think my cartwheel days are over. Well maybe I didn't really break anything, but I certainly injured something. It took weeks to heal. But I digress.....

Last year I had this calendar about gardens. Every month showed a beautiful garden that was perfect for the season and made me wish my garden was more, well, well-cared for. Here was May. Wasn't it gorgeous?

Sometimes I have a calendar dedicated to the region of travel for that year. One year we had a fab calendar featuring Italy. LOVED that one; Venice, Rome, Florence, ahhh... La Dolce Vita. And we loved the trip to Italy that year too.

At work we have boring old At-A-Glance calendars. Big blank boxes for each day's appointments, but no lovely photos to swoon over. Yes, well I am supposed to be working not swooning, aren't I?

Some people like those daily cartoon calendars where you tear off a page every day. I personally prefer the ritual of tearing off the months as they pass by. The whole year would just run together in my mind if I had one of those calendars, and Heaven knows this mind needs all the help it can get with organization! Speaking of organization, does anyone else go through the new calendar marking every one's birthdays? and anniversaries? I always do that. Kind of compulsive, isn't it?

Anyway, here we are with new calendars full of empty days stretching out before us. How will we fill these days? Certainly there will be happy days, and undoubtedly some sad days, but lets hope we use each day productively, stepping ever closer to our goals and at the end of 2008 we'll all be able to say, "It was a very good year."

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Jen Kershner said...

Oh, I bought the same calendar! It is hanging in my studio and it inspires me daily. I love the colors and the vintage feel and the trip down memory lane that I get every time I look at it. I even love using the stickers!