Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Family Day Out

We had a lovely day out yesterday. We drove up to Jackson where we visited the Kennedy Mine tailing wheels and an antique shop and had a casual pizza lunch.

Here are two old buildings that we passed on the way.

Here is one of the tailing wheels. They were used to carry the tailings up and over a hill.

This is what the Central Valley of California looked like
before the oak trees were cut down to create farmland.

As the sun started down so did we; back to the
fog of the great Central Valley.

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closed account said...

Hi there , and thanks for stopping by my blog,how wonderful your husband has ansectors in Crail, 20 mins from me here in Perth, Crail is such a beautiful fishing village and along with Pittenweem would be my choice for living in to my old age, not that that is anytime soon, so will enjoy the views for the moment.
Your blog is wonderful, so many beautiful photographs, I love the candles in the street and the sunset, they are amazing as are all of them, you are very talented indeed.
As for my most recent post, I think it's just a bit of an emotional time just now, will be up and siging with the lark again very soon, I shared so many things with my older daughters, and feel I have missed out with my youngest, but will be fine, all will be good in the end.
Lovely to meet you and if you dod not mind I would like to put a link to your blog on my blog! to let others enjoy your wonderfull blog and photo's
regards, Kath