Saturday, January 19, 2008

Silly Saturday

We've been forked! Look what we found on our lawn this morning. Aaaahhh...high school.

We're having a party here tomorrow so I have lots to do and no time for a long blog. I'll try to continue the England trip on Monday, but in the mean time, I'm cleaning and doing laundry.

Does anyone know why my washer does this? Is it the wrong washing powder? Or too much? Help.


closed account said...

Hi Laura, love the forks in the garden photo, very quirky!
Do have fun, will you and will look forward to some more of your wonderful photos.
Sorry to read about the Hashimotto's, a friend of mine also has this condition, and yes I agree with you the symptoms do suggest it comes with age , hormones etc, I live in a constant dither just now, but happy for you that there is now an explanation for your feeling so low.
I will post you my friends blog link soon, maybe you and she can compare notes, it's always good to have someone who knows just exactly how you feel.
The little Yaris car did the job then, great photos again of your travels, will read more again soon, as this is me still on a
enjoyed reading about the sign writing too, you are very talented and gifted Laura.
Willl pop back again soon,
love and hugs ,Kath x

Mary said...

Loving your travel photos! The forks in the lawn -- hysterical. As for the washer, I guess I'd try less detergent...? Good luck!