Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pants Problems

I seem to be having a little trouble with my pants lately.

I can't imagine what's wrong! Did they shrink?

I think if I hold my breath I can zip them up.

Hhhhhhht. I did it, but now I can barely breathe.

I wonder what caused this problem?

Do you think it could have been this English Toffee?

or this Chinese Take Away?

or my sister's white fudge?

or Teen1's fudge?

or these yummy spiced almonds?

or these Eggs Benedict?

or this mushroom sausage stuffing?

or this Prime Rib on New Years Eve?

I'll bet you can guess one of my New Year's Resolutions.


Pippajo said...

Ah, I had to laugh wryly at this. I didn't slow down enough to get pictures of anything I ate this break (except for the Bread Pudding, of course) but my diet "sins" rival yours, if not surpass them! Cookies, homemade candy, hot cocoa, peanut brittle, stuffing, mashed potatoes, more cookies, sweet potato casserole, wine, wine, wine, more cookies, pie and more pie, champagne, pigs-in-a-blanket, crackers and cheese, seven-layer-nacho-dip, cream puffs, eclairs, ugh! I'm looking for a Jazzercise class I can sign up for as soon as I hit, "publish"!


I love this 'pants' post, this is usually the case for me, but this year I caught a very nasty sickness virus sweeping across the UK, and I have actually lost weight, making my trousers loose would you believe! I am sure you will soon get back into your pants! The food pictures are lovely, especially like the chinese takeaway, it looks really appetising, good job I have just eaten supper, seeing that would have really made my tummy rumble. x

Nicole said...

Oh dear, now how will I be able to stick to my diet regime with the memory of your fabulous food photos in my head!