Thursday, January 17, 2008

Silbury, Lacock & Shaftesbury

Join us as we head off on the next leg of our trip. I hope we can all fit in this tiny car.

After a leisurely breakfast at the Lodge we finally go on the road around 1100 hrs. We intended to leave earlier, but we found it difficult to tear ourselves away from the gorgeous view of the henge and the interesting conversation with Andrew and Susan.

On our way to Silbury Hill we passed the Wagon and Horses where we had eaten supper the night before. Isn't that thatched roof fabulous? And those flower baskets? We saw them everywhere and I just loved them and tried to duplicate them at home with no success.

One can't actually walk on Silbury Hill, but we were able to pull off the road and get a good view of it. We also stopped at West Kennet Longbarrow. I found all these prehistoric ruins fascinating.

After a short drive on the A30 we arrived in Lacock. Pippajo has a nice blog about Lacock that you'd enjoy too. We had a nice visit there. I particularly enjoyed the original details on the buildings and took lots of photos of things I wanted: boot scrapers, hardware, flower baskets, century old beams.

After a short drive south on the A350, we stopped at Compton Abbas Airfield for a fly-in. The Lord of the Manor is a pilot and we frequently visit air fields in our travels. The LOM had great fun watching the old airplanes taking off and landing, but I found the crowd more interesting. What a delightful little slice of English life; people of every age having a nice day out, eating, drinking, sun bathing, talking and flying.

Going back through Shaftesbury, we saw this funny little car. It's a Messerschmidt and seats two tandem style. And we thought our car was tiny!

We walked past the giant loaf of Hovis bread and down famous Gold Hill for this breath taking sight. We sat on a convenient bench and just drank in the view. Then we had to walk back UP the steep hill. Huff Puff.

Our last attraction of the day was the Cerne Abbas Giant. He' big. I hope my blog isn't X-rated now.

We had a big day and we were tired so we found lodging at the Hollies in Martock and had a cozy supper. Please join us again tomorrow when we head to East Lambrook Garden and points west.


Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

I am enjoying your pictures so much. What a lovely time you must've had! I especially love the cars in the UK. I am a big fan of the show Heartbeat, mainly for the cars!

Talk soon,

Lisa xo
Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

the homely year said...

What lovely photos. They remind me of when we visited these places a few years ago. We went to Avebury at the end of March and the weather was terrible...It snowed!
Margaret and Noreen

Pippajo said...

Lovely, as always. That little car looks like it was fun to drive! We had a Land Rover (the smallest on they make) and weren't very impressed with it. But it did get us where we needed to go!

Thanks for the mention! Looking forward to reading more about your England trip!